1kg Colourful Dyed Quartz Tumblestones


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All of our Minerals & Crystals are 100% Genuine Specimens & come with a Certificate of Authenticity
Specimen: Colourful Dyed Quartz Tumblestones
Amount: 1kg = approx. 50+ Stones
Stone Size: 10-30mm
A Special Pack of Colourful Dyed Quartz Tumblestones. This pack contains Quartz tumblestones which have been dyed a variety of colours for visual effect. 
*The amount of stones will vary between each pack as these are sold by 1kg weight. Due to their nature the stones will all be various shapes & sizes, and some may even be chipped/rough in places as these have come straight from the tumbling machines.
*Not suitable for fish tanks.


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