Hobby Deburring, Cleaning, Polishing Tumbler Machine Kit PRO


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Perfect for hobby multi-use barreling and tumbling. This machine will debur, taking the sharp edges from machine cut parts and 3D printer finishes, and polish and clean metal, jewellery, coins and much more. Our Evans 3lb Deburring Barreling Machine comes with a quiet running and long lasting rubber barrel with fins that helps turn the parts. Simply place your parts into the machine together with ceramic shapes and a cutting media, or/and cleaning powder and steel media and the machine will do the rest. This machine has a wide range of uses and can even be converted to a rock and stone polisher using a standard barrel, grits and rock polish. 

  • Evans 3lb deburring machine
  • Evans ‘Metalsmith’ Pro finned barrel
  • Full instructions
  • Ceramic Shapes
  • Pot of Cutting Media
  • Pot of barrelbrite cleaning powder
  • Steel media, including pins, balls and satellites for optimum cleaning efficiency



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