5lb Beach (Rubber Barrel) Heavy Duty Stone Tumbler, Rock Polisher – (Low Energy Use)


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High quality professional 5lb Stone Tumbler and Rock Tumbler with one single 5lb Rubber barrel. Ideal for mass tumbling, or for items which are too large for smaller machines. Manufactured by Beach, it has been fully tested and checked for optimum performance. Choose between either our Complete Kit (which includes grits), or just the stone tumbler machine and barrel. Stone tumblers are also used to polish glass, full instructions are included which also cover creating beach ‘frosted effect’

  • FREE Stone Tumbling (Stone Polishing) booklet 
  • Very low running cost, equivalent to a 20 Watt light bulb
  • All machines come with a 3-year guarantee
  • Full lifetime advice with our customer support team

What is the difference between the single and double barrel machines?
Single Barrels – Maximum load in one go, but you have to wait for each stage to be completed before moving onto the next stage.
Double Barrels – Allows you to have two separate smaller loads tumbling in unison but at different stages of the process. It also helps the barrels last longer by separating the medium. The Double Barrel machine is our most popular line since it makes tumbling much easier and quicker. A 3lb tumbling machine can take two lots of 1.5lb loads at different stages running at the same time.
What is the difference between the plastic and rubber barrels? What is the noise levels?
Plastic Barrels – These are standard barrels, and used in the vast majority of cases. You can hear the stones turning unlike rubber barrels, this is not too noisy but we do recommend that the machine is run in a conservatory, garage or spare/back room.
Rubber Barrels – These are premium barrels, run much quieter, recommended for those who have limited space. They are also designed to last much longer than the plastic barrels, and the lids are much easier to remove.
Do I need anything else?
Many people prefer to buy extra separate barrels to ensure that they keep the different grits and polish in each barrel to avoid contamination and to avoid wear and tear. If you are purchasing a tumbler without the starter kit, then you will require the grits – 80 and 400 grade Silicon Carbide and Pumice Powder are the most recommended. You may also wish to consider our ‘Rough Rock’ which is ideal for starting out. This pack contains lots of different rock types and colours.
How long does it take to tumble stones or rocks?
It takes around 10 days depending on how rough the rock is and the hardness. The tumbler needs to be running constantly and ‘must not’ be stopped.


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