Dr David Anderson Agate’s (Scotland)


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These are very high quality Scottish Agates for tumbling. They were collected over a 20 year period by the famous Dr David Anderson. Searching online for “Dr David Anderson Agates” will provide plenty of detail for who this was and what he did. The agates were collected from all over Scotland, and there is a mix of types, including some of ‘Burnt Anne’ which is a Agate/Carnelian mix.

Our rough rock has been specially hand picked for the best results. Each bag contains pieces suitable for tumbling. Sold in 1kg bags.

This batch can include a mixture of agates from;

Dunure  – Ayr-  beach/ field

ardownie quarry  – Angus
ethiebeaton quarry – Angus
barras quarry
burn anne – excavated
isle of mull , Carasaig – beach
Binn Hill – scree slope .
Montrose- beach
Fife-  field agates .


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