Lapidary Grit Pack for Stone Tumbling Silicon Carbide Grits + Pumice Powder


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This large pack is everything you need for several tumble loads.

Our special 3 stage Large Grit Pack for stone tumbling contains one pot of each of the following – F80 Course Grit [370g] + F400 Fine Grit [340g] + Pumice Polishing Powder [169g] – which is all the media you require to commence stone tumbling. 

Each grit comes with its own special resealable tub and covers each stage needed for you to start stone tumbling –

F80 Silicon Carbide Grit             =   Stage 1 – Course Grit Tumble

F400 Silicon Carbide Grit           =   Stage 3 – Fine Grit Tumble

Pumice Powder   =   Stage 4 – Polishing

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