Yellow Tiger Eye Tumblestone for Focus and Clarity

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High quality tumblestones at 10-50mm in size. You can either buy these as single stones, or benefit from quantity discounts by purchasing larger amounts.

All of our Minerals & Crystals are 100% Genuine Specimens & come with a Certificate of Authenticity

These are special Tumblestones that have been produced from some of the most beautiful, and sometimes hard to obtain, minerals from around the world. These specimens are sold as individual stones. 

Tumblestones or “tumbled stones” as they are also referred to are made by “tumbling” rough crystals, minerals or rocks in grit for a number of days in a tumbler machine. Different grades of grit are used in the process until the rough edges are smoothed, then polish is added to bring a soft shiny surface to the specimen. Because of this process each stone will be unique in shape and colour.

2 reviews for Yellow Tiger Eye Tumblestone for Focus and Clarity

  1. mary.constantinou (verified owner)

    Beautiful stones, fantastic large size. Very happy with them

  2. Jenna Walker (verified owner)

    so beautiful!! and very large will definitely buy another ❤️

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